Zagat - The 14 Sexiest Vegetarian Dishes in Atlanta

There's that disheartening moment at a restaurant when you're looking for something vegetarian and the server says, "Well...we could maybe put some sides together for you." But Atlanta's top spots have started upping the game for guests who don't eat meat. Whether you just go veg on #MeatlessMonday or it's a full-time way of life, these thoughtful, satisfying dishes are worth seeking out.


Vegetarian sugo at Foundation Social Eatery
Chef Mel Toledo's Roswell gem serves up a rich pasta made with a beef short-rib sugo. Ask for the vegetarian version, though, and the kitchen leaves out the beef and ups the mushrooms, roasted cauliflower and other veggies atop a housemade cavatelli pasta, with a roasted garlic butter and black truffle vinaigrette to add more richness. There's grana padano cheese grated over it, but that can be left off to make the dish vegan, as this pasta's made without eggs.

By Christopher Hassiotis

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