Restaurant Hospitality - 10 Instagram-worthy desserts

Guests instinctively reach for their camera phones when these desserts hit the table.

There are currently more than 28 million delicious and awe-inspiring photos on Instagram with the hashtag #dessert. The more fantastic a photo, the more apt it is to be liked and passed along to others, which is the ultimate goal of the poster, and some of the best flattery for a pastry chef.


Creating the perfect panna cotta takes a bit of trial and error, according to chef Mel Toledo at Foundation Social Eatery in Atlanta, which offers a different panna cotta each season. “Panna cotta is a dessert that has the ability to morph into different versions, so we offer a different variety each season,” Toledo said. “For the chocolate panna cotta with chocolate-peanut butter ganache, peanut butter cookie crumble and coffee merengue, we wanted something that had classic pairings. Chocolate and peanut butter go perfectly together, and everyone loves coffee with dessert.”

By Liz Barrett Foster

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