Nation’s Restaurant News – Tea proves versatile in kitchen and bar

Tea consumption in the U.S. has been rising steadily, driven in no small part by consumers’ embrace of the iced version as their year-round beverage of choice. In fact, the Tea Association of the USA reports that a whopping 85% of tea consumed in America is served over ice. At the same time, the association indicates that the hot tea category has also been on the upswing. While this overall growth largely reflects the perception of tea as a healthful beverage alternative, its increasing use in foodservice as an ingredient owes more to its versatility both in the kitchen and at the bar.

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The tea’s citrusy notes also account for its appearance on dessert menus. Foundation Social Eatery in suburban Atlanta has featured Earl Grey-scented chocolate mousse, and Semilla in Brooklyn, N.Y., has offered rhubarb with Earl Grey ice cream as the final course of its tasting menu.

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