Garden & Gun - How the South Does Sous Vide

Immersion cooking has long been a staple in restaurant kitchens. Now, it’s easier than ever to do at home—and it’s the perfect technique for hot, steamy summer days. Here, eight Southern chefs share their favorite ways to sous vide.

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Keep green vegetables bright, vibrant green

“We’ve started using sous vide more often for cooking vegetables because it not only cooks them perfectly, but also keeps green veggies bright and vibrant and white vegetables stunningly white. Our method: We simply toss the produce with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and fresh herbs, place them in a bag, and cook them in a water bath with a circulator. And, voila—perfect cooked veggies.”

—Mel Toledo, executive chef 

By Dacey Orr Sivewright- August 16, 2018

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